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Archie & Cathy, A Love Story



Stressful times we live in…

As a parent, I often ask myself, ’how did they do it?’ I am thinking to past generations, my grandparents, my parents.

So often I blame current stress on media overload…too much information. Where to turn? I have come to realize that the best path is to follow my gut instincts.

Of course, like everyone, I have had my share of bad days and paid the price for even worse decisions. Overall, I have to say the blessings have far outweighed the grief. As I am fast approaching my own ‘mile stone’ (ughhhh!)  birthday I think back, again, to my parents. Wow, they have instilled dreams and grace to my sister and I. If I can only pass down a bit of what they inspired within me, my daughter Bella Sophia will be blessed.

My parents will be having a golden 50th year anniversary soon (June 11, 2017). In honor of them and their beautiful love story I would like to share the dedication from The Wild Buck:

“Dedicated to Archie and Cathy, the most encouraging parents ever. Thank you for providing a delightful childhood. Love you always.” –Molly (AKA Maxine)

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