Today is Nonna’s birthday! She is a beautiful and inspiring person.  It turned out to be a really special day for Nonna.

Katie surprised her for her birthday. Thank you Uncle Vince, Nonna is so thrilled with this perfect surprise.  She loves her niece.

It is also a blessed Sunday at mass today as Davey and Catherine receive their first Holy Communion at historic San Carlos Cathedral.

My godchildren Davey and Catherine with my wonderful brother in law David and talented sister Fran (AKA “Fern”).

“Buon compleanno,” is happy birthday in Italian. However, many Italian’s don’t say this to you on your birthday. Rather, you are wished, “many good wishes.”

Let’s get out the limoncello and toast to Nanna Cathy, “Tanti auguri, many good wishes.”

Huckleberry hugs and kisses to my dear mom.  Love Maxine (AKA Molly)

I am revising my homemade limoncello recipe, any tips? Feel free to contact me with your insights. I would love to hear from you.