Heat Wave and A Sunset in Pebble Beach

Amazing Sunsets- Sicily and Spanish Bay


Love this Sicilian end of day image, from Strgone di Marsala, the salt flats are timeless.

It is sunset time here at Huckleberry Hill. We look forward to an evening breeze off the bay.

Pebble Beach and the Monterey Peninsula are in a heat wave. We can see ripples of heat over our forest view, looking past toward the Pacific Ocean, the air is heavy… we are missing the fog.

Too warm too cook, let’s watch the sunset at Spanish Bay. Andiamo. We are inspired via the Sicilian image from Marsala…we move toward the coast seeking images of warm colors to toast the days end.


At Spanish Bay…a cheese tray at sundown is the best dinner for a warm California night. Devoured alfresco of course with the bagpipes playing in the distance. Yum; D’affinois, Cypress Grove, Manchego, Toasted Maroca Almonds, Local Honeycomb and huge chunks of crostini.


Cheese tray for one? What do you desire? Honeycomb…nuts, crackers or bread to go with what type of glorious cheese.

Bella Sophia meets Lulu today, what an adorable big black fuzz ball. Lulu likes her water with ice. She is well known and well cared for at Spanish Bay. Love that Lulu stays in the shade as she waits for the sunset.

In Italy, during springtime, I see the most amazing cheese being made. My friends from Italy are sending me the most inspiring mouth drooling photos.

What do you like on your cheese tray? I would love to hear your ideas. Stay cool…Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (AKA “Molly”)