There is Always, Always, Always Something to be THANKFUL For.


Looking for family based Thanksgiving activities? In honor of ‘Turkey Day’ we are sharing wishbone memories and joyful activities for the holiday season.

My book characters Molly and Fern LOVE to make a wish over the Thanksgiving wish bone. Of course, this was an annual event for my real life sister Fran and I (“Molly”)! I wondered, what is the history of the wishbone tradition? It seems that the ancient Romans began this practice with chicken bones, in hopes of receiving amazing fortunes and benefits. The Romans believed that the chicken had magical powers. Over time, this practice evolved into breaking the ‘wishbone’ in two with the winner of the larger section getting their wish granted. During the 16th century, the tradition continued in England (the practice of breaking the wishbone in England was called a “merry thought”).

In new world America, the plentiful wild turkey gave rise to the wishbone tradition. During the mid 1800’s, when President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. Over time the rules have remained the same…each person grabs an end and gives a pull. Whoever ends up with the biggest piece of the bone will have their wish granted.

Who will be your partner when you yank on the wish bone this Thanksgiving? I am sure that my sister and Fran and I will put on our usual ‘good show’ over the wish bone.

Thinking of history and tradition is a cornerstone of the Thanksgiving holiday. In honor of ‘the olden days’ Mary Beth, a Huckleberry Hill reader from Ohio is sharing some of her favorite vintage Thanksgiving images. (Thank you Mary Beth!)

I like the girl on the pumpkin eating a turkey sandwich! What is your favorite vintage image? I would love for you to share your Thanksgiving traditions with me, I always enjoy hearing from my readers. Also, feel free to share your favorite vintage images, right now we are collecting Christmas themes.  The remaining article has fun ideas for this Thanksgiving week! I hope you enjoy the following joyful tips for the fall season. Happy Thanksgiving, and may all of your wishes come true. Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (AKA “Molly”)

Find joy this holiday season! Give yourself and your loved ones some well deserved XOXO for Thanksgiving.

Hugs to you from Huckleberry Hill. This week, several readers sent e-mails reaching out for ideas on making Thanksgiving get together’s brighter. Sasha from Virginia asked:

“Maxine, any ideas on how I can better enjoy family events? I seem so down and out with all the news of natural and man-made tragedies, feeling so upset, so distraught. I want to lift myself up and am trying to think of no cost ways to feel better and energize myself and my family. Any tips?”

Well Sasha, on Huckleberry Hill we find ways to look for fall. Since we live in an evergreen forest we need to a bit creative! I hope you might find an idea or two below for simple and holistic ways to lift your emotional spirits. This is a rough time, and we need to all work together to bring happiness into our world. Huckleberry hugs…live your dreams and follow your joy, Maxine (AKA “Molly”)


CROCKPOT HARVEST AROMATHERAPY– Winter citrus is amazing and uplifting, slice fresh lemons, fresh cranberries, apples, star fruits, add a few cinnamon sticks, sprinkle with ginger or all spice… throw in some fresh mint and simmer in an uncovered crockpot, the natural fragrance is healing. (This can also be done on your stove.)


On cotton balls add drops of vanilla place in a small bowl with cinnamon sticks, cloves and ginger… place these small bowls around your home. (Papa Archie taught me that simple trick to freshen a home!) Bring pinecones indoors, add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil (about 3 drops per cone) and display in a basket.  Nanna Cathy taught us this tip…gather family members, use citrus such as tangerines, limes and oranges-push in whole cloves. We like to tie a ribbon and hang near windowsills!


NATURE WALK-Bring the outdoors inside and start a little indoor exploration area. Keep the collected items by you front entryway and invite visitors and family to add to the seasonal collection. Right now we have shells, pine cones, pretty rocks and a branch from our lemon tree on our entry hall table. Display fall leaves! Engage children and visitors by adding a magnifying glass, journal and nature book to make your indoor display interactive. The scent from the citrus limbs is uplifting, it hits me right when I enter my Huckleberry Hill home… and the scene reminds me to cherish memories and nature walks with my daughter. The visual is a reminder to unplug and go outdoors.

REACH OUT PRIOR TO THE HOLIDAYS…HELPING OTHERS– Look into assisting your church or community association with Thanksgiving events. Help an elderly or ill neighbor tidy up their yard, or deliver fresh flowers and homemade treats to your local fire fighters or police. (Easy ‘Great Pumpkin Roll’ recipe- click here.)


Surprise neighbors with pumpkins on their front porch or in their window box! Reach out at least once per week with a ‘planned act of kindness’. The planning and time spent leading up to it will bring you and others oodles of joy.


BE CREATIVE– Adult coloring books and online coloring apps are all the rage! Or break out watercolors…make a fall mosaic. Have children (or grandchildren) research on-line for fall DIY’s…then gather needed materials and have the child teach adults how to make the project. Children LOVE to reverse rolls and be the leader!


EXPLORE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD– Embrace life, take a local journey. Ride your bike down a new path. Take a different route during your daily commute. Try a new cuisine. This sense of exploration and discovery is motivational and feeds the soul. Nourish new experiences.


LOOK FOR BRIGHT COLORS– Add a favorite scarf or piece of jewelry to daily outfits. Place colorful flower arrangements in your home and near your work place. Mini pumpkins can line windowsills. Add some colorful stickers to your day planner or family calendar. Research shows that colors affect mood and energy. Embrace autumn with a bright orange scarf, swap out brown or navy for standard black. Become your own beacon of light!

XOXO, Take care of one another…embrace life and bring joy to yourself and others.