Grilled Calamari

Sicilian Summer BBQ

Enjoy a summer season BBQ, Sicilian style, featuring Chef Morsiani.

The grilling season is upon us. Everyone is heading outdoors, firing up the grill, cleaning off the picnic table and getting ready for the freestyle vibe that comes with summer.

Chef Manuel Morsiani has an amazing California connection with our Huckleberry Hill lifestyle. No wonder we became fast friends. We both love the outdoors. Especially in Sicily with the beautiful Mediterranean climate. People are obsessed with living ‘al fresco’

Do you think Zeus, Chef Manuel Morsiani’s adorable pooch would enjoy some grilled calamari? I think Zeus is thrilled to be invited to summer parties!


Most Italians grill over wood fires, and while they are a bit more cumbersome than flipping the ‘switch’ on a gas grill, the results are also much more flavorful. If you are committed to the ease of a propane grill, make sure to throw some wood chips onto flames. Another difference between Italian and USA style grilling is the Italians don’t slather on heavy BBQ sauce. They want the pure flavor of good quality products to shine through, mostly seasoned with herbs and wood smoke, and finished with a drizzle of good quality olive oil.

Don’t get me wrong, at Huckleberry Hill my ‘famiglia’ loves a good USA style BBQ with gooey caramelized sauces, but the Italian way of grilling provides a nice balance of flavors. Combine both techniques this Memorial Day holiday. Kick off the summer season and also honor American Service men and women that have sacrificed for the freedoms of our country.

Do you have a favorite marinade recipe? Do you love grilling stone fruits, fish, steaks, and veggies? We even put our pizza stone on bricks for an outdoor summer pizza oven.

Here is an easy summer patriotic dessert using seasonal berries. Layer pound cake (or angel food cake) drizzled with a bit of lavender honey with seasonal berries and fresh cream, simple and delicious!


I would love to hear about your summer plans and favorite recipes. Feel free to share via Buon appetito and enjoy a fabulous outdoor summer season! Huckleberry Hugs,  Maxine (A.K.A. “Molly”)

-Barbecue Calamari-


Clean the calamari

Prepare salmoriglio. Gather ingredients:

2 lemons

2 garlic cloves

Bundle of fresh parsley

Bundle of fresh mint

½ teaspoon oregano

1 cup water

1 glass di olio extravergine (cup and a half of good quality extra virgin olive oil)

Set aside a bunch of fresh Rosemary, to ‘brush’ sauce on the calamari while grilling.


Squeeze the lemons and filter the juice of seeds. Wash the parsley and mint. Chop both herbs finely together and combine with the peeled garlic, add them to the olive oil in a bowl together with the oregano.

Heat one cup of water slightly and slowly add it to the oil, stirring constantly with a fork, add the lemon juice a little at a time, stirring constantly. At the end it must be a well emulsified sauce and will be ready for use.

Time to Grill:

Put calamari on barbecue to grill.

Use a small bunch of fresh rosemary well drenched to marinate the calamari during the grilling.




-About Acclaimed Chef Morsiani-

Manuel has become a dear friend. He is an expert in Sicilian Cuisine and a strong supporter of Huckleberry Hill Adventure, LLC’s focus on ‘Italian Influenced California living’. Follow Chef Morsiani on his culinary adventures. He is a highly trained professional chef trained in fine Italian dining.