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New Book Release Party



Calling All Mermaids

Bella Sophia, A Mermaid’s Tale

Book Signing, Mermaid Delights, Gourmet Mermaid Ice-Cream and Candies

Date: Saturday, July 20

Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: Join us at historic Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf at Carousel Candies.

-Bella Sophia, A Mermaid’s Tale-




(Support small owned businesses, read below for local retailers selling exclusive autographed books.)

Follow along as Bella Sophia, encouraged by a dynamic mermaid legend, blossoms with confidence and joy. This uplifting story of love and acceptance will enchant readers (and mermaids) of all ages. This book will take you on a journey of a lifetime from the Pacific Coast of Monterey Bay (iconic Cannery Row) California, the Mediterranean Island of Sicily, Italy, and to the breathtaking scenery of the magical mermaid cove of Tunisia, Africa. Hearts and imaginations are captivated in this delightful story by award winning author Maxine Carlson paired with award winning Drew McSherry’s fanciful illustrations. Get ready to ignite your heart with pure delight. Recipes, book club notes and step by step directions for a ‘bathtub mermaid soak’ are included.

Join Maxine Carlson at these following summer season events


June 10-16, 2019– The US OPEN Pebble Beach, amazing good times at Pebble Beach Resorts. Join Maxine for US Open ‘kick off’ at the Spanish Bay fire pits on June 8th at 1pm . Happy centennial birthday!  Pebble Beach is 100 years old in 2019. In honor of this fabulous birthday, Maxine will share her recipe for easy mini zucchini muffins, in honor of her mom (Nonna Cathy’s) love of the Pebble Beach Tap Room zucchini bread. (Recipe is available at the recipe link at the main menu of this site.)


July 4, 2019 Fourth of July Event– Join Maxine and her mermaids at the Monterey Historic 4th of July Parade, 10am- Downtown Monterey, California. The Luxury Audi featured in the mermaid procession is proudly sponsored by Cardinale Motors. 

July 20, 2019Shagbag Talk Show- 9:00 a.m. Broadcast from Del Monte Golf Course Grille. Join Maxine with her BFF Liz (Carousel Candies) as they share insights, Monterey Bay history and legends. Tune in to KION or 

July 20, 2019–  New book release! Bella Sophia a Mermaid’s Tale. Calling all fishermen and mermaids. Splish splash it’s a mermaid’s bash. Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf, Carousel Candies. 2pm-4pm. A ‘feel good’ charity event!

August 16, 2019Concours d’ Elegance- The Quail Gathering. Join Maxine for an exclusive garden party among the rolling hills of Quail Lodge. 




Poppy Hills is surrounded by wild huckleberries and is the very next stop along the 17-Mile Drive (after my Huckleberry Hill neighborhood).

Monterey Fisherman’s WharfCarousel Candies (Featuring hand-made huckleberry confections including; lolli’s, salt water taffy and gourmet huckleberry truffles.)

Big Sur- Nepenthe, The Phoenix Shop

(At Nepenthe stop by for checkers and games on the patio, a delicious ‘ambrosia burger’ and the amazing view! The Phoenix has unique gifts and Big Sur inspired products.

Big Sur- The Big Sur River Inn General Store:

At The River Inn, dip your toes in the river, get a yummy lunch at The General Store (the burrito bar is a local favorite) and a signed copy of The Wild Buck.

Carmel-by-the-Sea- Laub’s Country Store (Carmel Classics). Stop by this ‘local favorite’ at the corner of Ocean Ave. and San Carlson for gifts and clothing, high quality and affordable pricing.

Carmel-by-the Sea- Thinker Toys

Monterey, Del Monte Shopping CenterThinker Toys (next to Starbucks look for toy soldiers)

Non-autographed books available at independent books stores or on-line Barnes & Noble or Amazon

The Wild Buck, Adventures on Huckleberry Hill, Book 1

Join Molly and Fern in search of a wild buck in this heartwarming tale. Creative sister Molly loves daydreaming. Fern can’t sit still. Nonna Frances creates Italian inspired culinary delights with locally sourced Monterey Bay wild huckleberries. They make a fun and enthralling team.  Each chapter includes a delicious recipe. Become a naturalist as Monterey Bay coastal stewardship is embraced via everyday adventures. Explore the nature and fauna of a world famous evergreen climate.  This engaging story is majestically set along the rustic central coast. Return to Huckleberry Hill often. What adventures shall we plan next? The Wild Buck is a GOLD MEDAL, 2018 Moonbeam Award winning book honored for exceptional children’s literature. 




Keep following your dreams! XO Maxine #huckleberryhilladventure

-Let’s Be Creative-

Book characters Molly and Fern encourage you to make art and crafts. Gather crayons and do a water color wash, add stickers or magnetic letters for a collage. ‘Upcycle’ (recycle) paper plates to make an adorable sea otter! We hope to see you around Monterey Bay!


 Thank you all for embracing happiness through books and sharing Italian recipes. Keep having adventures! XOXO


The Sugar Plum Fairy Party’ was a festive holiday luncheon in Carmel-by-the-Sea at Sunset Center. Book character ‘Nonna’ (performed by Nonna Catherine) featured The Wild Buck, set in Del Monte Forest, for a book reading. This ‘Silver Anniversary’ showcasesed the iconic Del Monte Hotel, with characters Sam Morse, John Steinbeck, Salvador Dali and Louis Armstrong.

-Thank You American Veterans For Your Service-

Ricardo Porlito, Vietnam Vet, won The Wild Buck. Ricardo’s wife is a teacher.

The Wild Buck, and it’s coordinating merchandise, has been awarded a gold medal. The ‘Moonbeam Award’ brings recognition to exemplary children’s books and celebrates life-long reading.

Having a blast on the ‘Shagbag Show’ (tune in at 9am PST each Saturday) at 1460 am or 101.1 FM (KION) or

-Visiting California? Stop by historic Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf-

Look for the ‘pretty in pink’ building (Carousel Candies) with the authentic taffy puller! Delicious hand made huckleberry salt water taffy, lolli’s, huckleberry truffles and gourmet candy boxes are featured along autographed book sets. Hand making confections for over 55 years this iconic landmark, with it’s famous treats, is a ‘must see’ experience… a local favorite. 

Local author’s gather in the city of Carmel, at the Harrison Memorial Library (for a roundtable panel).

Unplug with Huckleberry Hill Adventure:

Visit our Huckleberry Hill Boutique for unique Pacific Coast inspired gift items. International shipping available.

Life handing you lemons? (image: Lena Max Photography) Make cello via our love limoncello boutique!





My name is Maxine Carlson. My husband Eric, daughter Bella Sophia and dog Snowball are the light of my life (photo below). I am following my dream of writing and publishing children’s books. Follow my family as we have Italian inspired culinary and life adventures on Huckleberry Hill in Pebble Beach California.


Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (A.K.A. Molly)

My lights, Bella Sophia and hubby Eric. At beautiful San Carlos Cathedral Royal Presidio Chapel in Monterey.




Maxine Carlson is a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

The Wild Buck (Book 1 of the Huckleberry Hill Series) was awarded with the 2018 GOLD MEDAL for outstanding children’s literature.