Holiday Lemon Oil Cake- Italian Pride

Sicilian Inspiration; ‘Limonato’ Blueberry Cake- Delightful for the Holidays

'Limonato' olive oil is made by crushing together olives with whole lemons. This classic blend has a crisp, sweet-tart flavor and incredibly refreshing aroma. The citrus tones are reminiscent of the Sicilian Island. Here is a simple way to use 'Limonato' olive oil in your holiday baking this season. On Huckleberry Hill, we enjoy adding… Continue reading Sicilian Inspiration; ‘Limonato’ Blueberry Cake- Delightful for the Holidays

Pacific Coast Home Virtual Tour

A Tour of ‘Huckleberry Hill’

  Join us for Nonna's 'easy pumpkin delight cake' and a 'Huckleberry Hill' home tour! Here is how the home tour originated (read on for Nonna's pumpkin cake recipe.) At book events I am often asked, "Is Huckleberry Hill a real location? Did you 'make it up' as a setting for your children's books? High… Continue reading A Tour of ‘Huckleberry Hill’


Cherry Throwback

'Old school' dump cakes! No bowls,no mess,  no mixing, fast and delicious. Nonna Cathy would make these when I was a child. My dad LOVES cherries so these easy dessert versions were a favorite in our house. With so much posted on social media for easy decadent desserts, a huckleberry hill reader, Mary from Georgia… Continue reading Cherry Throwback

Warm Your Soul Pumpkin Fall Risotto

Autumn Risotto with Pumpkin Cream

This comforting fall season recipe nourishes the soul, with Chef Manuel Morsiani. Full flavor Italian speck ham is a complex taste, perfect with acclaimed Chef's creamy risotto recipe.  If you have good quality bacon at home, crisp it, set it aside and use it! Delicioso. Really for this glorious recipe, you are making a creamed… Continue reading Autumn Risotto with Pumpkin Cream

Fast & Easy Pumpkin Roll

Great Pumpkin Roll

-Autumn Traditions- Make a fast and easy “great pumpkin” roll for dessert tonight. Unplug, order pizza… cuddle up with your loved ones and watch the heartwarming classic, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” Go ahead, give yourself (and your family) permission to take a break from the world. These past months I have connected with… Continue reading Great Pumpkin Roll

Celebrate Italian life!

Delightful Homemade ‘Pumpkin Biscotti’ Doggie Treats…Happy Fall For Your Pup!

Italian fashion, Italian food, Italian cars…la dolce vita it is!  Car week was an amazing time on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula. It is an end of summer tradition in our area, a changing passage of summer to autumn... marked by the exit of tourists and cars. Let's revisit the fun and get inspired!   FASHION…… Continue reading Delightful Homemade ‘Pumpkin Biscotti’ Doggie Treats…Happy Fall For Your Pup!

Salad in a Jar

Cool Salads for Warm Autumn Days

Hello Indian Summer! Warm California days makes one revisit ideas for a cool lunch. This week we are doing a long time Huckleberry Hill favorite, layered salads inside a mason jar.  When building your 'salad in a jar' remember these tips: Dressing goes in first. Layer heavy to light (protein, beans, beats, fruit, nuts on… Continue reading Cool Salads for Warm Autumn Days