ITALIAN LOVE OF GARDENS MEarth Event, Carmel Valley


Nonna Frances always had a beautiful garden behind her Monterey home. It’s the Italian way, fresh produce, herbs a fig tree.

No matter where I’ve lived (even twenty five-years ago at my UCSC apartment) I have had fresh basil. Sicilian’s require this fragrant green plant. Our Italian perfume. Nonna Frances would rub it on her wrist, and I have followed suit. I observe that Bella Sophia carries on with this fragrant habit.


I recall spending summer in Pittsburg. Each dawn, after making the bed with hospital corners (to Auntie Fray’s expectations) Fran and I would run out to the back garden. Early morning, while the air was still fresh with a bay area breeze, we would shadow Uncle Frank. It was a daily routine… walking and following the garden paths. We gently wound our way around citrus trees, fresh figs and green herbs. Uncle Frank reciting the rosary during his daily meditative stroll.


This Saturday, April 22 is a wonderful opportunity to visit a sustainable garden.

See what MEarth has to offer:

organic garden

California native plants, ornamental plants and edibles

silent auction with high quality sponsors

healthy food


BEST OF ALL:  “The Smoothie Bike” (Bella Sophia loves when her Wahine Surf Camp has delicious all natural organic smoothies from this unique vendor! A local favorite not to be missed.)


Date and Time: Saturday, April 22, 2017 (10am – 4pm)

Location: Mouth of Carmel Valley—-Next to Carmel Valley Middle School (Hilton Bialek Habitat Center)

4390 Carmel Valley Road (Do not use navigation – drive to Carmel Middle School)




If you can’t make it to Carmel Valley Saturday, check out the MEarth site. Lots of ongoing programs.

The chef dinners are fabulous! Love this. They are well priced and you feel good about eating sustainable gourmet creations. You also support an educational cause.

Huckleberry Wishes, Maxine (AKA Molly)