blood moon eclipse

Frittata Themed Supermoon Party


Not seen since 1866, a rare and amazing astronomical visual treat is in store. Best viewing is around 5:30 a.m. January 31 (Pacific Coast), look at the moon (no eye protection needed) to view the ‘first blue moon eclipse for 152 years’.

Amazingly, during this lunar eclipse the moon will glow a spectacular red. 

The moon image is ‘picture perfect’ in the round shape of a classic frittata. Fabulous for a moon eclipse dinner party! Add to the blood moon discussion by using a small cherry tomato and sweet red peppers. 

Simple egg frittata for dinner on Tuesday, January 30 sounds good to us! Bella Sophia will spend January 31, at school,  focusing on the trifecta blue moon lunar eclipse. The news is all a buzz about this amazing event. However, life is busy and …we want easy and healthy. (No junk food themes please; i.e. moon-pies, starburst or milky ways…giggle,giggle.  I love moon-pies!)

At Huckleberry Hill we are turning to Papa Archie for his amazing frittata recipe.


I love his frittata so much, I often request that Papa Archie bake extra mini ones to place in lunch boxes, they are perfect at room temperature.

Here is Papa Archie’s simple four step technique:


  1. In an ovenproof skillet sauté with oil and butter (use spray if watching calories): Sliced Onion
  2. Once caramelized add your favorite veggies, we enjoy:

asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms and add lots of red sweet pepper to support the “blood moon theme” – add to the skillet and mix with the carmalized sweet onions, cook until tender.


We “gobble up” the veggie version, you can bulk it up with a diced pre-cooked baked potato or add ham, bacon or ground beef. Whatever you have on hand works fine! Think of it as a big omelet.


  1. Use a dozen fresh organic eggs. Beat well. We do not add salt as the cheese adds salt to the dish. Add fresh ground pepper and grated cheese of choice.


  1. Pour eggs over the ingredients and then finish in the oven, this is much easier than “flipping”.

Cool 5 minutes, slice and enjoy or turn out of mini muffin tins! We topped the mini ones with a cherry tomato in honor of the blood moon! Terrific with a salad and fresh fruit.

Hope you enjoy this simple and delicious frittata.


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As always, follow your dreams.

See you at the beach. Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (AKA “Molly”)