Warm Wishes from Huckleberry Hill! Several followers have contacted me, asking for some of my favorite prior posts. Something uplifting during these difficult times. I hope that you enjoy this selection, it reminds me of my daughter, my little wahine, learning surfing skills in Monterey Bay.

Stay safe. Huckleberry Hugs, XO Maxine


AT THE BEACH- THE WAHINE PROJECT  (Photography; Lena Max Photography Studio)

We are ready for the beach; her wetsuit is packed.

“I’m hungry,” Bella Sophia looks into the fridge only finding fresh tortillas and good quality raspberry jam. Slim pickings.


“Wahine jelly rolls?” I answer with a smile.

“No motivation to go to the store but energy enough for the beach?” she asks me, eyebrows arching in a knowing glare.

My daughter knows me too well. No fog today, I have a good book. That’s all the motivation we need to head down to the bay from our perch at Huckleberry Hill.

Bella Sophia and I have fun packing a picnic basket, using what’s on hand.

We layer on organic peanut butter and jelly. We roll and slice the filled tortillas. I wonder if calling it ‘wahine jelly rolls’ brings it up a notch from a basic pb&j…nothing beats peanut butter at the beach.


Bella Sophia fell in love with surfing eight years ago at the age of three. It started with her first Hawaii family holiday. The surfing bug has stuck here at home.  Of course, no wet suit on the islands. Wet suit or not… she loves it. She is addicted.

We joined a wonderful local surfing organization lead by a talented woman named Dione. Thank goodness for Dione, she is a ‘mermaid angel on Earth’. Really, she instills confidence and love for the ocean with local youth. She is inspiring with her patience, kindness and skills. Her joy is contagious.

Bella Sophia surfs each Thursday during PE under the care of Dione and her wonderful husband. As a matter of fact, the ‘surf club’ line at the Huckleberry Hill boutique captures that image. Cali pride at its finest! (Available at; Boutique Huckleberry Hill Bottega—


So many young children are involved in the local Wahine Project. I love too that all are encouraged at every level, wetsuits and boards provided.

We are all packed up, ready for the beach. Wahine rolls, fruit salad and water bottles. Iced coffee in my bottle, mama is happy. Italian lifestyle…California living.

What do you like to have in your picnic basket? Surfing stories to share? I would love to hear from you. Get Stoked…Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (AKA “Molly”)



Surfs Up!




Mission statement: 

Inspiring a global response that eliminates the barriers preventing a diversity of girls from a personal relation with the ocean and with one another.

Vision statement: 

Communities in which surfing has changed the lives of girls who use skills learned in the ocean to overcome everyday challenges, inspired to achieve their fullest healthiest life.

The Wahine Project is an organization that was created in an effort to reach young girls who would otherwise not have access to the resources that would allow them to surf. Whether geographical, financial or lack of opportunity, The Wahine Project seeks to break down the barriers that prevent the participation of young girls in the sport of surfing and provide them the opportunity to not only become proficient surfers but as a result of surfing, increase their awareness to their global citizenship. Through education, outreach and travel young girls will be provided opportunities that will give them a sense of social responsibility that surfing uniquely provides.

The Wahine Project is an educational program for girls between the ages of 7 and 17. The girls are exposed to a carefully planned schedule of surf lesson, surf excursions, lectures and field trips, balanced with physical conditioning and ocean recreation activities.




Lena Max Photography is owned by the talented Marlena Montaney. She is known for her portraits and wedding photos as well as capturing beautiful heartfelt images. She is able to record the unique beauty of the Monterey Peninsula. Her eye for details and design was developed at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California.