It’s a magical time of year for embracing traditions (or making a new one). Gather friends or family and make marzipan fruits or vegetables. It’s perfect for children (just like playing with play-doh) and can be enjoyed by teens or senior’s as the shaping and painting can become as detailed as one has time for. I find that making marzipan shapes is therapeutic! Play Christmas music or have a holiday movie going, enjoy passing the time by making miniature and tasty treats.


Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity for creating marzipan pumpkins. These pumpkins can be a part of your table setting decor.

They are also adorable on top of whipped cream decorating a huge slice of pumpkin pie. I like to finish mine with a coat of rum paint, it adds shine and the flavor of the rum balances the sweetness of the marzipan. (You can also add shine with food color and water, adding alcohol is optional.) 


My fabulous Nonna Frances taught me about European marzipan. As a girl I was enchanted by miniature creations. The love of marzipan has remained throughout my life. At my baby shower I requested a pink princess cake, as I CRAVED the combination of raspberry, sponge cake, whipped cream all topped with gooey marzipan. 

Currently, my next book has completed the editing process and is in the illustration phase. The setting is Erice, Sicily and the featured recipe is Italian marzipan. Sicily has very special almonds that give marzipan paste a unique and scrumptious taste. Drew McSherry has shared these sketches of characters as well as the tram journey to the hilltop town of Erice. If you live in the Monterey, California area Carousel Candies on Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf has adorable miniature marzipan creations to admire. Their hand made marzipan reminds me of European style flavors. 

Maria Grammatico’s story is inspiring. In the book Aunty Mary, Nonna Frances and Bella Sophia visit Maria at ‘La Pasticceria di Maria Grammatico’

If you are interested in learning skills directly from Maria, her school is amazing!

-Let me share how we make our marzipan pumpkins-

Gather items (marzipan, knife, cinnamon sticks, food color, plastic bag, rum, paint brush)

Follow these simple steps:

(Tip: Wear plastic gloves. Mix marzipan in plastic bag and keep wrapped until ready to use.)

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Besides mini pumpkins a simple and fun decoration for a holiday table is fresh oranges with cloves. My mom would have us push cloves into oranges over the holidays. It kept us busy and added such a beautiful scent to a table scape:

Wishing you an amazing Thanksgiving.

I would love to hear about your family traditions. Reach me at XO

Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (A.K.A. “Molly”)