Fast & Easy Pumpkin Roll

Great Pumpkin Roll

-Autumn Traditions- Make a fast and easy “great pumpkin” roll for dessert tonight. Unplug, order pizza… cuddle up with your loved ones and watch the heartwarming classic, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” This article was first published at Huckleberry Hill on Halloween 2017.  It was so popular we are running it again for 2018.… Continue reading Great Pumpkin Roll


Archie & Cathy, A Love Story

  On this new career journey I am often asked, "where did you get the energy, the inspiration, to become an author? Especially at this stage of your life?" I owe everything to my parents. Amazingly, my parents continue to provide unconditional emotional support to just about everyone they come into contact with. Wow, have they… Continue reading Archie & Cathy, A Love Story



  Nonna Cathy organized a really easy no-bake dessert. While the Easter eggs are being hidden children can be occupied making their individual mini basket.** She ordered each child a 'mini cake' from the bakery with each child’s name. Nonna purchased rectangle wafer cookies to make the “basket” sides. She put out Easter candies, jelly… Continue reading EASTER BASKET CAKES


Italian Easter Cookies-Keeping Tradition

-PUPA CU LOVA-** These cookies bring me back to childhood. Francine and I would each cherish our annual Easter egg treat made by Nonna Frances. My sister Fran loved the egg, with a little salt added. I ate the cookie-we are a dynamic cookie eating duo. **(Easter sure is early this year! This is a… Continue reading Italian Easter Cookies-Keeping Tradition



Happy New Year! Enjoy every sip of this ‘feel good’ detox smoothie. Easy to make, this blended beverage is perfect to boost the immune system during the cold and flu season. Nelly, a Huckleberry Hill subscriber, is a Registered Nurse that specializes in dietary issues and clean living. In November, she shared a day after… Continue reading ‘GINGER BOOST’ CLEANSING DETOX SMOOTHIE RECIPE

Fall Sweet Potato Comfort Pie

Heal Your Soul With Comfort Food

Usher in autumn with Aviva Gittle’s decadent sweet potato pie. The aroma, taste and texture of this desert featuring butter, brown sugar, fresh eggs, cream, nutmeg, cinnamon and butterscotch liqueur is so addicting! This pie is a wonderful addition to family get togethers and Thanksgiving buffets. Sweet potato pies are so common in the south;… Continue reading Heal Your Soul With Comfort Food

Fresh Pasta is a DELIGHT!

Fabulous Fresh ‘Red Wine Pasta’ With Chef Morsiani

Chef and friend Manuel Morsiani has a wonderful fresh pasta technique to share. Adore the color and texture of this pappardelle, don't you? This fresh pasta is made with red wine and egg yolks. Chef Manuel uses Chianti. This technique reminds me of the time Nonna Cathy, Eric, Bella Sophia and I spent in a… Continue reading Fabulous Fresh ‘Red Wine Pasta’ With Chef Morsiani

Local Tips For a Magical Big Sur Day!

Big Sur Local Style

Want to have a 'prep-free' and glorious Big Sur day trip? Looking for a feel good hippie vibe mixed with a bit of glam? Huckleberry Hill readers have e-mailed asking, "what are favorite day trips from your Pebble Beach home?" The answer; Big Sur. We pack up tubes, water bottles and towels, that's it. No… Continue reading Big Sur Local Style



Happy Easter… Let's celebrate Easter with hearts filled with compassion, love and joy. Thank you for such kindness and support as I follow a dream. My blog has received thousands of hits each day. It is active world-wide. Your efforts…the sharing, liking, posting and discussing are bringing me such joy. Grazie. Many followers and friends… Continue reading FOLLOW YOUR DREAM


Pebble Beach & Italian Baking

Keeping Italian Tradition in Pebble Beach... It is primavera season in California, not much of a change in our evergreen climate. On daily walks we are seeing more baby quail, that is always a thrill. Today we will make the dough for Sicilian Easter cookies. It is the same basic dough for basic “S” cookies,… Continue reading Pebble Beach & Italian Baking