Happy New Year! Enjoy every sip of this ‘feel good’ detox smoothie. Easy to make, this blended beverage is perfect to boost the immune system. Here’s to a fabulous 2023.

Many blessings and much love from Huckleberry Hill. XO, Maxine 

(This ‘throw-back’ article was originally published by Huckleberry Hill in 2017 to usher in the New Year.) 

Nelly, a Huckleberry Hill subscriber, is a Registered Nurse that specializes in dietary issues and clean living. In November, she shared a day after Thanksgiving detox recipe, it was very popular. I asked Nelly to develop a simple ‘New Year’s Resolution Smoothie’. (Nelly lives in North Carolina with her extended family and is dedicated to living a balanced life.) Thank you Nelly for this fabulous New Year’s detox recipe.

Ginger Smoothie Detox

According to Nelly, every ingredient serves a purpose in assisting your body in getting rid of toxins. This is a low calorie anti-inflammatory recipe. The pineapple aides in the digestion of protein. Apple (or un-sweetened apple juice/sauce with fiber) helps to sweep the intestines clean. Ginger is well known to ease the stomach and assist with digestion.

‘Ginger Boost’

Smoothie Recipe

-Blend Together-


1 cup of your favorite no sugar added carrot juice or juice blend (use carrot in the blend). I used this:

½ cup organic diced pineapple in juice, no sugar added

 ½ cup apple organic juice with ½ cup unsweetened apple sauce (or 1 cup apple juice if you do not have apple sauce)

2 TBS. fiber

½ inch fresh ginger peeled and fine grated

½ cup pineapple juice (reserved from cubed pineapple)

1 cup ice

For a Probiotic boost (especially good for the stomach) blend in to this mixture 1 cup organic vanilla yogurt


Wishing you a blessed and healthy year. Follow your dreams, even if they take you all the way to the Pacific coast of California!

Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (AKA Molly)

2018 Happy New Year Pebble Beach CA