Auntie Fran’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream

 Happy Fourth of July! Stay Cool this summer making delicious and creamy home-made ice cream! Use a vanilla custard base and add simple 'mix ins' to customize. I love apricot, Bella Sophia adores strawberry, Uncle Eric is all for cookie dough, David, Davey and Catherine crave about peach or apple pie ice cream? Yummy! My… Continue reading Auntie Fran’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream

Grilled Calamari

Sicilian Summer BBQ

Enjoy a summer season BBQ, Sicilian style, featuring Chef Morsiani. The grilling season is upon us. Everyone is heading outdoors, firing up the grill, cleaning off the picnic table and getting ready for the freestyle vibe that comes with summer. Chef Manuel Morsiani has an amazing California connection with our Huckleberry Hill lifestyle. No wonder we… Continue reading Sicilian Summer BBQ


Baking Queen Cakes

As with the rest of the world, along the majestic Pacific Coast of California, at Huckleberry Hill, we are enchanted by the upcoming royal wedding. (The wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle will take place at St. George’s Chapel on May 18.)  Set out your tea set, bake Queen Cakes and have… Continue reading Baking Queen Cakes



This homemade 'granola blend' features my Nonna’s nutmeg flavored candied walnuts; as well as dried apples, almonds, apricots and cranberries. A bicycle basket made for a perfect gift display. We added gourmet salt water taffy (huckleberry flavor) for the Sea Otter Classic opening. To balance out the sweetness I threw in a bag of jalapeno… Continue reading SEA OTTER CLASSIC INSPIRED GRANOLA



  Nonna Cathy organized a really easy no-bake dessert. While the Easter eggs are being hidden children can be occupied making their individual mini basket.** She ordered each child a 'mini cake' from the bakery with each child’s name. Nonna purchased rectangle wafer cookies to make the “basket” sides. She put out Easter candies, jelly… Continue reading EASTER BASKET CAKES


Italian Easter Cookies-Keeping Tradition

-PUPA CU LOVA-** These cookies bring me back to childhood. Francine and I would each cherish our annual Easter egg treat made by Nonna Frances. My sister Fran loved the egg, with a little salt added. I ate the cookie-we are a dynamic cookie eating duo. **(Easter sure is early this year! This is a… Continue reading Italian Easter Cookies-Keeping Tradition

Simply Yummy Irish Guinness Stew

Irish Stew

We’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s Celebrate with Guinness Irish Stew. I inherited red hair and freckles from my namesake, Grandma Maxine. She was a beautiful Scottish Irish woman. I miss her amazingly big heart, contagious laugh and delicious family meals. In honor of grandma, at Huckleberry Hill, we are celebrating our Irish… Continue reading Irish Stew

Chinese New Year- Firecracker Shrimp!

Happy Chinese New Year- Celebrate with Firecracker Shrimp!

Happy Year of the Dog! February 16, 2018 is Chinese New Year. Feast of Lantern’s (Fra Diabolo Italian Influenced) Firecracker Shrimp Recipe is a favorite. We love to make this for holidays such as Chinese New Year or Pacific Grove Feast of Lanterns (celebrated on Monterey Bay each summer).    We have a long family history on… Continue reading Happy Chinese New Year- Celebrate with Firecracker Shrimp!


Valentine Treats

Super delicious and simple this 'no bake' Valentine’s Day treat is a favorite. So fabulously addictive. Best of all, it's very fun to create... especially with little helpers. Make it a family event. The memory will be a cherished Valentine Day tradition! At Huckleberry Hill we enjoy having these treats with hot chocolate, cuddling up… Continue reading Valentine Treats


Crosby Clam Bake Chowder- Throwback to Pebble Beach Golf History

In honor of Bing Crosby’s original Clam Bake and golf tournament we are making clam chowder. This yummy chowder can be made in a crock pot or stove top. Best of all, it is simple and delicious (for a family meal or to have at a gathering). This soup works really well for any type… Continue reading Crosby Clam Bake Chowder- Throwback to Pebble Beach Golf History