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Illustrations/Photo Above: Illustration by Drew McSherry from the book The Wild Buck, Adventures of Molly and Fern on Huckleberry Hill. Photo: Bella Sophia enjoying Thursday PE surf class…keeping Cali pride going!

Dear Huckleberry Hill Friend,

I hope you enjoyed (or will enjoy) reading about Huckleberry Hill in scenic California.

For those of you familiar with the book, you noticed that this story has a lot of scenic descriptions. Growing up on Monterey Bay my sister Francine and I had so much fun together. As described in this tale, the unique white sand beaches, tepid climate and evergreen forest …this was our playground. As a result, local residents develop an environmental consciousness, a strong desire to protect the natural resources of the central coast for future generations.

This story begins and ends with Molly and Fern’s “grandma”. During my life, Nonna, my beloved Sicilian grandmother was a strong, nurturing and continuous presence for my sister and I. Nonna set an example based on her daily actions by being interested in life. Her words and actions aligned. She was loving, accepting, supportive and family focused. Nonna worked hard, often though the nights in the factories on Cannery Row. She served in the hospitality industry as one of the many backbone workers, that made, and continue to make the peninsula a worldwide tourist destination.

Beyond that, Nonna gardened, canned, cooked, entertained, and took pride in caring for her family. She was a strong spiritual woman. Her cooking skills provided never ending nourishment. The incorporation of food and recipes in this book outline the central them of Italian life, that love, family and food are all connected. I hope that you will enjoy following some of these recipes in your kitchen!

In the final chapter of the book Nonna says, “always be grateful. Cherish daily blessings…” Nonna’s advice and guidance was always connected to our daily life. This value has served me well and continues to guide me. Let’s all take Nonna’s advice and have daily gratitude. Each evening as I reflect on my day, I watch the sun set across Huckleberry Hill. During this time, I remember to be grateful for the blessings of dear friends and family. My husband Eric and I are blessed to raise our beautiful daughter Bella Sophia on Huckleberry Hill.  Local pride continues strong in my many Godchildren; Elizabeth, Maxine, David, Gianna and Catherine.

I hope that you enjoyed getting to know Molly and Fern. Please return to Huckleberry Hill soon! Molly and Fern look forward to sharing adventures with you in future books.

Huckleberry Wishes,

Maxine (AKA “Molly”)

P.S. Check  soon for Sand Castle Contest, the next book in the Molly and Fern Series, set on the white sand beach of Carmel, California.


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