Easter Eggs-Springtime in Italy

Italian Easter Eggs…

Today, I listened to my daughter speak with her Nonna.

“Remember the giant eggs, so pretty!” exclaims Bella Sophia.

“Oh yes, we choose special eggs for all the kids. We guarded them and all and they came home perfect,” brags Nonna.

They are reminiscing about a recent spring spent in Italy. Every grocery store, bakery, shop, in all the windows…we were surrounded by thousands of glorious Easter eggs. They are all wrapped in bright colors. We brought them home to family in our carry-on bags. Nonna guarded these delights, of course they came back perfect. No one’s messing with Nonna Cathy!

Walking by the dining room today, I snapped a photo of flowers, my daughter and niece were in a play last weekend. The Jungle Book finished at The Carmel Golden Bough. They received bouquets and the colors make me think of spring. I added that image to the photos of Italian Easter eggs.

I have found the best place to purchase Easter gifts. My family loves to go to the Monterey Wharf and get some addicting clam chowder from Old Fisherman’s Grotto for dinner. (Sill same taste and comfort food from childhood memories.) Then, we stroll toward the iconic bright pink building and stop at Carousel Candies.

I found my own basket…told the Easter Bunny to put it on his tab! Can’t wait to break into that Sunday morning. I have found that their Belgium chocolate is the best, very high quality, similar to European blends. Bella Sophia loves to choose between a pink, milk or dark chocolate solid bunny. Of course, Eric sticks with dark, as you do not feel guilty (helping your heart and all.) My niece and nephew are drawn to the stuffies. Everyone is happy.

If you have visited Italy, you recall the intricate wrapping. Thought and care are in the final presentation. This is something that draws me to Carousel Candies. Yes, it is hand made candies. Yes, it is locally owned. Yes, they treat their employees well and they have worked there since I was a young girl. This all feels good. What makes me smile? It is the beautiful wrapping and presentation, bella…bellla. Reminds me of spring in Italy.

What do you want in your Easter basket?

Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (AKA “Molly”)