Happy Easter…

Let’s celebrate Easter with hearts filled with compassion, love and joy.

Thank you for such kindness and support as I follow a dream. My blog has received thousands of hits each day. It is active world-wide. Your efforts…the sharing, liking, posting and discussing are bringing me such joy. Grazie.

Many followers and friends have asked for the titles of the Molly and Fern Series. There are four books in the series, they are children’s books. Each chapter ends with a recipe (there is no way to separate food from Italian culture.) Nonna Frances, Molly and Fern are the central characters. The setting is based on the Monterey Peninsula. The titles of the Huckleberry Hill Adventure series are:

The Wild Buck, Book 1- Pebble Beach- Release Date July 2017

Sandcastle Contest, Book 2- Carmel-by-the-Sea

Pet Parade, Book 3- Pacific Grove

My Heart’s In Cannery Row, Book 4- Monterey


Two other books are completed and in the editing and illustration stages, these are not a part of the Huckleberry Series.

Bella Sophia the Couscous Eating Mermaid

Nonna Caterina

I have received wonderful questions regarding the books. The questions and excitement is from all over the world, many from across America, Canada, South America, Europe, Ireland, Scotland and a large cluster of new fans are based in London. I have also had an outpouring of support from local Monterey Peninsula family, friends and neighbors.  If you have any questions regarding the writing process, publishing, or the series use my contact page to let me know and I will organize a separate posting.

So grateful for life’s daily blessings. Make your own adventures each day. Follow your dreams.

Huckleberry Hugs,

Maxine (A.K.A. “Molly”)