Oktoberfest Fall Festival

Kick off Autumn with Oktoberfest, at the Carmel Barnyard


September is the gateway to autumn festivities.


Yes, fall is wonderful…apple picking, pumpkin patches…Oktoberfest.

No need to head to Germany to experience Bavarian culture.

Join us along the Pacific Coast of California at the Carmel Barnyard, for the largest Bavarian gathering of the Central Coast.




During this marvelous fall festival, the Carmel Barnyard transforms into a glorious Bavarian setting. This garden like setting is alive with music, food and festivities for all ages. 


The cool Pacific Ocean breeze is a perfect accompaniment for refreshing beer, song and smiles.

What is Oktoberfest you ask, and why is it celebrated in September? The official Oktoberfest celebration takes place in Munich, Bavaria, a yearly festival that draws in more than six million people. Celebrations are modeled after it all over the world, including the local Monterey Bay festival at The Barnyard in Carmel, California. No matter where it is celebrated, though, there are a few common staples: lively music, mouthwatering food, and big, big pints of beer.


Why September?

Oktoberfest as the name implies, originally was held each October. Over time the festival became so prolonged and popular that it officially was moved earlier to the start of fall. This allows for better weather. Even though most of the current-day festivals take place in September, the last weekend is usually in October. The name remains the same (no matter what month it’s in). At its core, ‘Oktoberfest’ is really about coming together and having a good time.

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How long is the traditional Oktoberfest festival in Bavaria?

Believe it or not, the 16-day festival features music, games, amusement rides, beer tents, and a traditional Bavarian fair. For several weeks in Germany, the authentic Oktoberfest celebration, allows you to devour delicious smoked sausages, roasted meats, sauerkraut, cabbage, and pretzels.

-Join Us at the Scenic Carmel, Barnyard for Oktoberfest-


-Best of All…Monterey Bay Oktoberfest is a FEEL GOOD CAUSE-

Nargis Lengacher is delighted to continue this amazing tradition and host the 7th annual Oktoberfest on Monterey Bay.

This year’s event will be very special as we honor late Chef Andre and bring the festival back to its birth place (at the Barnyard where the Lugano Swiss Bistro has been a prominent restaurant for 23 years).  Enjoy live music, beer, food and Miss Oktoberfest (on Saturday) & Miss Jr. Oktoberfest (on Sunday).  Live music is featured with “The Internationals” from San Francisco, playing European dance favorites. Hofbrau Beer with Chrissa Imports is sponsoring our beer stein holding contest on Saturday. The Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill is sponsoring the ‘Beer Keg 4-person team relay’ race on Sunday.


Nargis is dedicated to preserving the festival that her late husband loved. She explains, “to continue Andre’s strong legacy and commitment to helping the community, Oktoberfest 2017 welcomes its non-profit collaborator and beneficiary. Net proceeds from the event are designated to the Monterey County Chapter of the American Cancer Society.”

(This is an after Oktoberfest “update”). The American Cancer Society presented me with a survivor’s medal at the Oktoberfest festivities. Bella Sophia and Eric received caregiver medals. So thrilled to support a good cause.

Oktoberfest Festival:

Date:  September 16th & 17th 2017

Saturday Noon-6pm ~ Sunday Noon-5pm

Location: The Barnyard, Carmel


Tickets: $20 Saturday – $15 Sunday 


Do you have a favorite German recipe to share? My cousin Patrick makes the BEST German potato salad! Homemade pretzels?  Fondue? Please feel free to reach out via our contact page to share recipes and memories.  I love hearing from Huckleberry Hill readers.

I am looking forward to honoring Chef Andre’s memory, having fun at a traditional Bavarian festival and hosting a book signing. As an Italian, California girl I look forward to embracing all things ‘Bavarian’ and have a blast at Oktoberfest! Join Us!

The Wild Buck, set in the Del Monte Forest of Pebble Beach, will be available in limited edition signed sets at the Oktoberfest event. Our Huckleberry Boutique also has wonderful gifts. Continue to embrace life, follow your dreams even if they take you all the way to the Pacific Coast of California! See you at Oktoberfest.

Huckleberry Hugs, from Huckleberry Hill… on the Scenic 17-Mile Drive. XOXO, Maxine (A.K.A. “Molly”)