Local Tips For a Magical Big Sur Day!

Big Sur Local Style

Want to have a ‘prep-free’ and glorious Big Sur day trip? Looking for a feel good hippie vibe mixed with a bit of glam?

Huckleberry Hill readers have e-mailed asking, “what are favorite day trips from your Pebble Beach home?” The answer; Big Sur.

We pack up tubes, water bottles and towels, that’s it. No exhaustion or stress loading (and then unloading). Keep it simple.

Plan for a Sunday. We enjoy Sunday as we find the crowds leave Big Sur around 4pm and you end up having the place to yourself! It takes us about 40 minutes from Monterey… take the drive slow.


If you have a tailgater, do what locals do… pull over so that you can relax and enjoy the journey. The drive is part of the reward!


This is my hubby Eric and I…we will celebrate our 25 year anniversary this month, he’s a keeper! Yesterday, we also enjoyed the company of our best friends Rick and Liz Elves. We passed the time eating fall off the bone ribs and tri-tip;  chatting and relaxing.  Once you arrive, walk straight to the back of the Inn, look for the umbrellas, outdoor BBQ and river. It is an outdoor oasis.


Arriving around 1:30 is a great time, even 2:00p.m. This allows you to sleep in on Sunday or do some chores to get ready for Monday before leaving. Going too early results is crowds on the road, trust us…we have learned.  Each Sunday, at the Big Sur River Inn, the music is terrific and live until 4:00 p.m. Everyone orders from the gourmet BBQ, the kids love either the veggie burger or cheeseburgers. It comes with sides, beans or coleslaw. Adults are happy with trip-tip, ribs or pulled pork.

Kids have a blast in the river. A local tip is that we stay late and enjoy sunset. You will have the place to yourself, especially on a Sunday as everyone leaves around 4:30 p.m. Let the kids get an ice cream from the old school bus!


How do you do “Big Sur”? For busy families, the Sunday Big Sur River Inn BBQ works out well. It’s an easy, fast, affordable day trip… and the kids are happy! Hope to see you at the river!

Looking forward to the bridge being repaired. Our other favorite day trip is an ‘ambrosia burger fix’ in Big Sur! We will share that once the road south opens.

Live your dreams and follow your heart, even if it takes you all the way to the Pacific Coast of California. Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (Molly)


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