Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs…our annual kick off dinner to Pebble Beach Food and Wine. We were in food heaven at the 2017 Pebble Beach Food and Wine Event. That year was the year that we began the Huckleberry Hill blog (I can not believe that this April is the two year birthday of Huckleberry Hill.) ‘Food, wine and hot dogs’ brought Huckleberry Hill into the spotlight.

This week we are gearing up for PBFW 2019. The festivities were kicked off at Spanish Bay, Opening Night. The evening had a pasta show down, world class wines and extravagant culinary delights. 

I encourage you to celebrate PBFW with a ‘sumo dog’! It is fun and easy tradition, so over the top yummy that you will be in true culinary heaven. XOXO Maxine (A.K.A. “Molly”)

-Here’s what was on my mind in 2017-

Chef Jeffrey Lunak has inspired us to Sumo Dog! Want to join in?

We’re at Spanish Bay overhearing the bagpipe, it plays each day at sundown. I am swimming laps, love being in a salt water pool. Wish I was a mermaid. No aches or pains in the water…

What’s the buzz down at the club? BACON WRAPPED HOT DOGS.

The guests are enthusiastic about this culinary creation that was offered at the celebrity golf tournament.

I inquire… and am told that Chef Jeffrey loads up gourmet bacon wrapped hot dogs with house made delights. It is a Japanese and American mash up. Chef Jeffrey tops his tantalizing creations with pickled peppers, teriyaki mayo, wasabi relish…wow!

At home we decide to make our own version, to celebrate #PBFW. We purchase high end gourmet nitrate free all organic hot dogs. Thick sliced bacon. Rolls from Paris Bakery. (For an Italian girl the bread is just as crucial as the other ingredients.)


I wrap the hotdogs. Then sprinkle with a little light brown sugar. Hubby grills them and we place on paper towels to drain.

Nestle these babies into bakery quality rolls and we are all in foodie heaven.

Thank you Chef Jeffrey! Of course someone like you, who has been on numerous Iron Chef episodes would come up with this! Love it…our neighborhood is buzzing and grilling.

How do you glam up hot dogs? Favorite or unique toppings? I would love to hear your ideas.

-Pebble Beach Food and Wine-

PBFW is a world class culinary event. Information and tickets can be found at PBFW.COM.