Salad in a Jar

Cool Salads for Warm Autumn Days

Dear Huckleberry Hill Readers, I hope that you are taking time to care for yourself and your loved ones. Today, we had no coastal fog. The blue skies and clear air is amazing and a blessing. The fires in California and Oregon have been historic. Prayers and thoughts are with those affected by west coast fires.


I hope that you enjoy this article, it’s a favorite. The end of summer/early fall season is a perfect time to enjoy fresh produce. Huckleberry Hugs, XO Maxine


Hello Indian Summer! Warm California days makes one revisit ideas for a cool lunch. This week we are doing a long time Huckleberry Hill favorite, layered salads inside a mason jar. 


When building your ‘salad in a jar’ remember these tips:

Dressing goes in first.

Layer heavy to light (protein, beans, beats, fruit, nuts on the bottom and greens on the top).

Pack a fork. (For children I suggest sending a large bowl inside the lunch box.)


Tip for school lunch packing:

Bella Sophia likes me to pack her greens separate (not inside the jar) and to send a large bowl and ‘real’ fork with her lunch. (Not only is a plastic form harmful to the environment, it does not hold up well when eating a hearty salad.) The reason my daughter has me wrap the greens separately is that she wants her salad ‘evenly dressed’. Here’s Bella Sophia’s school time routine for an evenly dressed salad: Add greens to a large bowl. Dump ¼  of the jar contents onto the greens inside the bowl. With lid tight, shake the jar really well. Dump these coated jar contents into the bowl and lightly toss with a fork. Bella Sophia and friends love using the canvas lunch totes from our Huckleberry Hill Boutique for transporting salads to school.


Autumn Pear with pomegranate:

Here is Bella Sophia’s favorite lunch: spinach leaves for greens (separate-not in the jar). Light honey mustard dressing. Shredded organic chicken, sliced pears, sliced radish, walnuts and pomegranate seeds.

Blue Cheese and spice:

Here is Eric’s favorite combo: mixed organic greens. Dressing using Papa Vince’s olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a little Trapani sea salt and ground pepper. Hard-boiled egg, red onion, avocado, olives, high quality blue cheese, heirloom tomatoes, garbanzo beans and pepperoncini.

Mango Chicken: 

Here is my favorite salad combo: Light poppy seed dressing. Romaine and spinach for greens. Organic chicken, red sliced onion, diced cucumbers, sunflower seeds and diced mango.


Share a favorite combination for your ‘salad in a jar’! Can you think of a hearty salad combining grains, protein and huckleberries? E-mail suggestions to

Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine


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