perfect warm dessert for cold winter evenings

Apricot Panettone Bread Pudding


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After the holidays, panettone sweet bread is found in most Italian kitchens. This light bread, with added dried fruits makes a perfect bread pudding.

I have found that the custard soaks up even the driest of Italian panettone. Use any store bought variety. Often given as a gift over the holidays most Italian kitchens have this bread on hand. It is also frequently found on sale after the holidays (in the months of January and February) in most grocery stores.

At Huckleberry Hill we use left over egg nog and add apricot jam to our custard mix. Serve the bread pudding ‘as is’ or top it with fresh cream. It is perfect for breakfast accompanied by a cappuccino or as a comforting and warm family dessert. This is a fabulous cold weather treat.

What is the history of this citrus sweet bread?

Italian panettone has a varied history. The citrus, vanilla and candied fruits are central to the recipe.  This sweet bread stemmed from Milan. There are many legends around panettone “cake”. It dates back to the middle ages and is a staple to Italian Christmas celebrations. A traditional bread loaf is always cylindrical in shape with a domed top. The texture is soft and airy. There should be a dark exterior. Inside there are hidden delights such as candied treats or chocolate.


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Apricot Panettone Bread Pudding Recipe

Heat oven to 350 degrees

Butter a casserole dish.


Cut up panettone into cubes.

Make custard:

Mix together

6 organic extra large eggs- or 8 small eggs

1/2 cup organic sugar

2 heaping Tablespoons good quality apricot jam

1 cup organic egg nog (or half and half works perfect if you do not have left over egg nog)- If using half and half add a dash of ground nutmeg.

2 cups organic whole milk

Pour mixed custard over panettone bread cubes. Cook immediately or let set a few hours (or overnight) in fridge then bake. (Either way works fine.) When I cook the bread pudding I often place the bread cubes that are in the casserole on the pulled out oven rack. Then I pour my custard mixture direct over the bread while on the pulled out oven rack, this way it does not spill onto my kitchen floor. I find that the bread pudding is similar in taste and texture if cooked immediately or soaked. Either method is fine.

Bake for 45 minutes, the pudding will puff up and be set in the center.


Optional: Serve with whipped cream. Enjoy on a cold winter morning or evening!