Neighborhood Walk · WE ARE BLESSED

Nature Walk in Pebble Beach; WALK, PRAY, BREATHE


-Hello from Huckleberry Hill-

 I recall when Bella Sophia was younger, we would often take Snowball, our little dog, and walk our neighborhood.

Sophia is now a sophomore in high school. She’s busy with her studies, friends and cheerleading practice. She’s grateful to have more social experiences, as we all are, during this extended time of a pandemic. This summer, Bella Sophia had her first summer job, with the Wahine Project. She loved it. Bella Sophia is learning to drive. She surfs at Spanish Bay beach, emerging from the waves covered in seaweed with a huge smile.

We are blessed. 

Our tradition continues, walking and exploring our neighborhood. I feel like a slow walk ‘slows down time’. It’s calming. As learned from my Uncle Frank Cardinalli, as he walked his Pittsburg, California garden each morning, we walk and recite our prayers. This was his time to complete the rosary and set intentions. We learned from his example.

 As Labor Day approaches, and we move to fall, I look over the Pebble Beach landscape, hoping to find some ripe berries. The evergreen forrest does not change much from season to season. Our climate is mild. A subtle change as we move from August to September is the ending of wild huckleberry season.

This summer, we had stellar wild huckleberry bushes.

Usually my posts share a recipe. My books all combine stories, culture and food. It’s a part of my Sicilian heritage. We show love and comfort by sharing nourishment. This post is focused on the love of nature. It encourages us to slow our pace.

Especially with this challenging time, take time to walk, pray and breathe. 

As with most of the world, our time has been spent in prayer and concern for our Afghanistan vets, deployed military members, their families. We pray for our allies, for American citizens in Afghanistan and missionary workers, contractors and translators. We have spent time raising awareness and outreach as well as avenues to support humanitarian aide.

Combining prayer and movement while walking your neighborhood has been important, a crucial calming action. It provides balance. I encourage you to take care as you reach out in strength to support others. Much love and many blessings. XO Maxine  (A.K.A. “Molly”)

Join us on our Pebble Beach neighborhood photo tour.


Huckleberry Hill followers have contacted me asking to share the scenery of Pebble Beach. Bella Sophia and I thought it would be fun to take a photo walk. 

By having Bella Sophia use her phone to take photos, she zoomed in on detail that we usually miss on an ordinary walk. Today we had the usual coastal fog along the bay below.

Don’t you love that? It looks like a fluffy pillow.

I would enjoying seeing your neighborhood nature photos, feel free to share. I can be reached via the main menu at the ‘contact’ page. Enjoy summer these final days of the summer season. 

Pebble Beach Wild Huckleberries