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Hi. Welcome to Huckleberry Hill.

My name is Maxine Carlson. I live in Pebble Beach, California, happily surrounded by my niece, nephew and godchildren. My daughter, Bella Sophia, my husband Eric and dog Snowball are the lights of my life. I have a passion for collecting children’s literature, cooking, entertaining and travel.

I have written a series of chapter books based on two main characters Molly and Fern. These characters are based on my real life childhood adventures. Note the photo above…this is my niece (far left) and my daughter (far right) viewing a play near our home, at the Outdoor Forest Theatre in Carmel California.  You can also view my daughter (left) and niece (right) with myself (Maxine) and my sister (Francine). I am told that my niece and daughter look just like the real life Molly and Fern…thought my readers would enjoy seeing that.

Molly and Fern are optimistic, adventurous sisters living at the top of Huckleberry Hill. The setting is along the majestic California coastal forest near the Monterey Bay Sanctuary. Each adventure story has strong character role played by the girls Italian Grandma (Nonna). This unique aspect lends to delightful recipes in each story as food and Italian culture are intertwined. The books are all an integration of eating, love and adventures.

Each book in the series includes fun and easy recipes (gastronomical delights) set around the theme of the book.  My sister Fran is a wonderful and dedicated cook, she has quality tested the recipes. I am so blessed to have my sister live down the street. She is loyal, strong and hard working. 

Every book opens with the following… “Molly and Fern live in a sprawling house on Huckleberry Hill. It is perched high atop the majestic Pacific Ocean. To the amusement of Mom, Dad and Nonna the sisters seem to have continuous, although often unplanned adventures.”

 I wrote the first tale while spending the summer in Maui, Hawaii. The book was written almost eighteen years ago as my husband and I lounged and relaxed for a tropical summer break. Once my daughter was about six years old I began reading my stories to her, my nephew, niece and godchildren. They have all been truly captivated by the adventures and recipes.  Over the last few years, the plot lines continued to be developed as the children assisted listening to the stories, cooking and eating! Supported and encouraged be my family and friends I have brought the books to life.

The first book in the series, The Wild Buck, will be available (as of summer 2017).  There are four books in total. I will keep you posted as they are published. 

I hope to share recipes and information with you soon, so check back often.

Huckleberry Wishes, Maxine (AKA Molly)

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  1. we are all very excited for you Maxine, love from your family in San Antonio

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