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Looking forward to making cherished summer memories with you. Follow your own dreams and continue extending much needed positive energy into our world. Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (AKA “Molly”)

I am thrilled to announce the release my children’s book, The Wild Buck. The adorable illustrations are by Drew McSherry, images Lena Max Photography Studios.

Maxine Carlson The Wild Buck Pebble Beach


The events listed below feature ‘in-person’ and ‘virtual activities’.  It’s hard for me to believe, Huckleberry Hill Adventure has over  two-hundred thousand followers from all over the world. Thank you for the on-going support. I love the diversity and connection, the caring environment and especially the demonstrated kindness. Please continue to invite your friends.

The Wild Buck Maxine Carlson

Please join these upcoming events. You can reach me at I love hearing from you! Let’s continue to inspire one another…

Huckleberry Cake Huckleberry Cake The Wild Buck Pebble Beach Adventures on Huckleberry Hill

The Wild Buck-June 9th Birthday!

Follow Molly, Fern and Nonna Frances in Book One of the Huckleberry Hill Adventure Series, The Wild Buck. Summer events:

June 9- The Wild Buck amazon “book birthday”. Available for purchase at  (Read below for book release huckleberry party event at Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf #1, Carousel Candies!)

Front cover image


Facebook Live Event available at Maxine Carlson (Facebook). 

Join US!

Available now filmed in Pebble Beach; “live” Wild Buck photo shoot event. Follow your dreams, even if it takes you all the way to the Pacific Coast of California. Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine (AKA “Molly”)

The Wild Buck Maxine Carlson



June 18- Join Us, ‘Pre-Launch’ Book Signing event at Poppy Hills, Father’s Day-Blues in the Forest, Pebble Beach, California. Tickets $30.00, children free. To benefit Monterey Jazz Festival, Youth Education Programs.

Jazz in the Forest
Lena Max Photography



July 4- Join Us, Fourth of July Parade, Monterey, California. 10:00 a.m. Old Town Monterey. Featuring author Maxine Carlson and characters Molly (played by Carmella Shake) and Fern (played by Bella Sophia Carlson).



July 22- WILD HUCKLEBERRY PARTY! CAROUSEL CANDIES signature summer activity BOOK LAUNCH AND SIGNING EVENT… Join us at Monterey Wharf for exciting festivities and book signing party. Visit with author Maxine Carlson, photo opportunities and autographs at the historic “pretty in pink” location of Carousel Candies. Gourmet sweets featuring huckleberry confections. Gastronomical delights will tempt you as we celebrate all things ‘wild huckleberry’ and the release of BOOK ONE of the HUCKLEBERRY HILL ADVENTURE SERIES, The Wild Buck. This charity event will benefit Orchestra in the Schools, supporting music education for Monterey County youth.

Summer Huckleberry Hill Events via

Not able to travel to California…join us in the virtual world!

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‘Italian Influence…California Lifestyle’


Lena Max photography: Follow along as unique photos and images of The Wild Buck book release are shared with Huckleberry Hill Adventure fans by talented artist Marlena, owner of Lena Max Photography.

Huckleberry Confections; Craving all things huckleberry, just in time for the opening season of delectable Pebble Beach wild huckleberries. Carousel candies has handmade gourmet delights to tempt us. Huckleberry salt water taffy, huckleberry bark, huckleberry truffles’ and delightful wild huckleberry lollipops. (Book and confection launch July 22.) Order on-line!

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Concours ‘d Elegance Pebble Beach- Italian Cars and Biscotti, Featuring the Forte Family and Violetta Tequila Forte. Ferrari Fever!

Authentic Sicilian dishes and recipes from friend and acclaimed professional Chef Manuel Morsiani.


Limoncello….Tangcello. Maxine’s godmother and her wonderful husband Frank have returned to California from Sicily. Aunt Nancy Davi and Nonna Cathy join in on the fun too. D’Aquanno Reserve!

Italian Bows, from Calabria. Join us for special Southern Italian pastry. Featuring Tina Davi D’Aquanno and famiglia.

Mad Otter Ale! Italian influenced sausage and cheese fondue featuring a local Monterey Peninsula brew, delicious and unique for a summer meal.

Spanish Bay…Exclusive, Join Chef Anna Marie (STICKS) for blueberry pancakes and mascarpone cheese in iconic Pebble Beach. She will share her recipe and recent take on the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Event.



The Tap Room…Pebble Beach at the Lodge. Read about the locations special history. Learn local tips and a treasured recipe from Chef Alfredo Cortez.

 Join in an Italian- California kitchen with my cousins. Kim Cutino fully embraces Italian living and the coastal lifestyle with her wonderful husband Bart and two beautiful children, Bella and Tony. Along with beloved parents Bert and Bella, the Cutino Clan enjoys making memories together. They keep Italian American traditions alive for future generations. Wholeheartedly, they embrace cooking with the highest quality ingredients including local produce, San Marzano tomatoes & Monterey County Wines. 


South County Preserves…Blood Orange Marmalade! Sicilians LOVE blood oranges as this is a cherished fruit on the Mediterranean Island of Sicily. Join us on a virtual tour of an organic citrus farm in South County.



Ruby Cakes of Monterey- Featured ‘from scratch’ recipe from talented  Ruby Selfridge. Vanilla bean cake with huckleberry and lemon filling, Italian buttercream. Delightful!

Wild huckleberry lemon cake

Sneak Peak…edits and illustrations (with local artist Drew McSherry). We will share as we move through the publishing process of Maxine’s next featured book. See the photo’s below for “hints” on the story line.



This is my wonderful illustrator, Drew McSherry and editor Hilary McSherry! (We will be hard at work on two separate books this summer.) Huckleberry Hill Adventure Fans have asked for a ‘feature article’ on Drew’s art-work. Stay tuned for details. I am looking forward to sharing his art portfolio.