Ricci, Italian Sea Urchin

Chef Morsiani Features Pasta With Sea Urchins

The flavor of caviar, an ‘ocean butter’, sublime and unique. Nothing is better than the smooth custard a delicate creamy texture from the sea. Delightful sea urchins with spaghetti are our featured recipe, with Chef Morsiani.

I love this photo of my handsome Great Uncle Tom Davi, one of my favorite relatives. I have such special memories of him.


My Godmother Tina is the gatekeeper of Davi memories, she is such a joy keeping famiglia tradition alive.

At Huckleberry Hill Adventure, LLC our tagline is ‘Italian Influence…California Living” and nothing demonstrates the mesh of the two cultures better than this recipe.

Chef Manuel Morsiani is in Sicily now, enjoying the beautiful island.



“Sea butter” (urchin roe) tossed in pasta! Delicious.


My Godmother Tina Davi- D’aquanno shares a wonderful sea urchin memory with Huckleberry Hill fans, “There was always excitement in our house when my dad would come home from a fishing excursion with a sack of sea urchins one of his friends had given to him–probably a trade for a fresh-caught piece of salmon!  One would not understand the enthusiasm I felt to look at these ugly spiny creatures, but in our house this was a delicacy.  My father would delicately slice open the urchin and spoon out the golden roe.  He would gently place that on a piece of Italian bread and sprinkle lemon juice from our lemon tree in the backyard.  Nothing was more exhilarating than the taste of the salt and lemon on the palate, even at a mere five years old.”

Sea Urchin with bread, ‘old school’ (often paired with champagne):


I love this story. Share your sea urchin photos and stories with me and I will post! Huckleberry Hugs, Maxine

Enjoy this recipe from Chef Manuel. We wish him well in Sicily, enjoy the sunshine!


Sea urchins serving four people, With Chef Manuel Morsiani

360 grams of Pasta, spaghetti

300 grams of Sea urchin, roe or flesh

40 grams of parsley, fresh

7 tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

1 Garlic clove

Brown the garlic in a pan with the olive oil, 15grams parsley and 50grams of Sea urchin.

Cook the spaghetti for about nine minutes in a pot of boiling water.

Drain them and put them in the pan with the oil garlic and sea urchin sauce.

Toss them in the pan and add the 250 grams sea urchin roe. Toss for a few more minutes, then garnish with the rest of chopped parsley and serve. Delicious!