Sicilian Easter Cookies-Spring Time Tradition



These cookies bring me back to childhood. 

** (This is a re-published popular spring time recipe from 2017- ENJOY!) 



Sophia shows off her skills with her “selfie stick” I am thinking where’s my coffee? Sophia came up with a sample egg, it has a heart with a cross for the sacred heart of Jesus, a strong Sicilian symbol. I think it’s precious and reminds us of the true meaning of Easter, the symbolic meaning of eggs, re-birth and spring time.


The night before Bella Sophia and Nonna make dough. 

We all gather, keeping tradition alive. All of the cousins and friends get their own bag of soft dough to shape and frost.

Yummm…we can smell the vanilla and citrus (click this link:  “S” Italian cookie dough recipe).


We color eggs for the Italian Easter baskets cookies. We also shape dough into traditional “S” shapes, making sure to keep some unfrosted for Bella Sophia’s Padrino.

In between, the kids run outside to ride bikes, play basketball…explore. Del Monte Forest is a natural playground.

We wrap the cookies, especially well sealed are the baskets that have Easter eggs. These will stay in the fridge to be eaten Sunday morning before mass. A perfect balance of protein and sweet.

Do you remember your Nonna or Auntie’s making Italian Easter egg cookies?

Huckleberry Wishes, Maxine (A.K.A. “Molly”)